MAAEMO Revitalize Mist


ACO Certified Organic


A hydrating facial mist that instantly quenches thirsty skin, evens out the complexion and promotes circulation in order to deliver nutrients throughout the skin. Hydrating botanicals and active ingredients such as Kakadu Plum and Echinacea replenish the skins moisture and boost nutrients though the delivery of Vitamins C and Antioxidants. Calming notes of Rose petals delivered to soften and tone the complexion.


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Who is this product for?

The Revitalize Mist is essential for anyone who experiences dull, dry skin. This product is very useful for those who spend a lot of  in the sun, in front of heaters, are exposed to city pollution, or anyone who simply wishes to have radiant, dewy, hydrated skin.

How to use:

To Glow– Close your eyes and evenly spray over the face and neck to boost the skins radiance and complexion anytime, anywhere.

To Tone– After cleansing, close your eyes and evenly spray a fine mist onto the face. You may wish to apply the product directly to a cotton pad or ball and gentley wipe over the face and neck to prep the skin for your choice of MAAEMO moisturiser.

Are products are..

Australian Made

Certified Made

Vegan & Cruelty Free





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