MAAEMO Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser


ACO Certified Organic


The Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser is a luxurious, silky cleanser that melts into the skin lifting makeup, dirt and impurities whilst also providing a deep level of hydration to remineralise the complexion.

Bentonite is a gentle, restorative clay rich in skin-loving minerals that work to draw out impurities, detoxifying the skin, whist softening and restoring and brightening the complexion.

Papaya extract is rich in enzymes that provide a gentle buffering action which will work to leave the skin softened, brightened and refined over time.

Hazelnut oil is an excellent skin healer, containing both hydrating and anti-inflammatory qualities that will assist in supporting the health of the skins barrier. Hazelnut oil is also a key ingredient in promoting skin hydration and elasticity.


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Who is this product for?

The Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser is suited to all skin types but is essential for mature, dry, or sensitive skin. This non-foaming cleanser will leave the skin feeling clean, silky smooth, soft and restored.

The Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser is also a useful product for double cleansing. If you already use the Purifying Gel Cleanser, we suggest adding our Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser to your skincare routine in order to first remove make up and SPF.

How to use:

With damp hands, gently massage the cleanser into the face and neck. Remove using a damp face cloth,gently wiping the product away. Use morning and night. If you wish to double cleanse, use the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser as the first step in your evening skincare routine in order to dissolve makeup, dirt and build up from the pores. Follow with the Purifying Gel Cleanser for a double cleanse, or simply move on to the next steps of your skincare routine which may include toning and further hydration.

Our products are…

Australian Made

Certified Organic

Vegan & Cruelty Free



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